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 Government Energy Solutions, Inc. (GES) specializes specifically responding to the Department of Energy’s mission to find and integrate innovative and mature energy efficiency and energy control systems ready for deployment now. GES brings a unique approach to providing both hardware and software products and solutions to the Federal Government. The founders come from a combined 10 years experience working directly in the commercial utility “smart grid” metering endpoint and infrastructure product offerings. In that experience the GES senior staff worked in the utility data systems and data networking environments integrating into customer legacy  databases and software applications as well.  The experience base is also well established in government network and information technology systems and environments. GES as a result has emerged as a leader in bridging the gap between traditional facilities management and leading edge information and networking technology. In addition, the company has teamed with important and well established energy systems vendors with established commercial energy sector products directly applicable to the Federal Government’s energy conservation and efficiency initiatives. The relationship with these vendors is such that our Veteran Owned Small Business can affordably bring these products their expertise to the Federal Government through an established IDIQ contract vehicle.

The GES and Vendor product offerings include: smart meter end-point data acquisition and voltage control devices, meter data management database systems, energy reporting application software, facility energy usage assessment, cyber data security systems and adaptable user focused and controlled dash-board report generators.

Government Energy Solutions, Inc. is an industry leader in green energy solutions and specializes in providing value to the U.S. Government and their industry partners to gain energy efficiencies in a highly effective manner. 

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